PULSE is Guitar Player Editors' Pick

PULSE is Guitar Player Editors' Pick

Christopher Scapelliti, editor-in-chief of widely known Guitar Player Magazinemade us an honor and did a review of our Pulse Revolving Speaker Emulator.

Being an owner of the legendary Gibson’s Maestro Rover RO-1 rotary speaker, he compared it with the Pulse first hand and concluded:

"I A/B'd the Pulse with my Maestro Rover and found no appreciable difference between the two, aside the fact that the Pulse lacks the motor noise and the faint 60-cycle hum of my vintage tin can. The Pulse absolutely nails the Rover's emphasized upper mids and really puts its brilliant shimmering rotary effect to the fore, but the distance control lets you tailor the effect's emphasis and tone to your taste. Even in mono, Pulse adds complex textures that make your guitar leap from the mix, while in stereo it captures an airy, three-dimensional tone. If you love rotary tone, and especially if you're a Gilmour fan, Pulse delivers the classic swirling effect like no other. For ingenuity and performance, this gets an Editors' Pick award."

Find the whole review below and in the October 2021 issue of the Magazine. Thank you, Guitar Player!

With this accomplishment we are proud to say that the Pulse has won all awards assigned by every notable guitar related magazine in the world!   

Guitar Player Editor's Pick



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