John Mayer in creative drive using Boonar

john mayer studio

John Mayer in his latest Instagram post shared his "thoughts and intentions" for the future regarding The Sob Rock Tour and studio projects he's working on, stating: 

"I love touring and will continue to play live shows, but in staying open to what’s driving me creatively, it felt like making more music was the most inspired feeling I had. I know the Sob Rock tour was only in the US, and though I will make it to other cities and countries in the future, I’ve just got more songs to make."

"I’m having the time of my life writing and recording, and it won’t be long before I share some very exciting news about some new projects," he announced, alongside a few photos offering his fans a sneak peek of his studio gear.

What made us particularly excited was spotting our Boonar Multi-Head Drum Echo in the front row of his pedal rack.
Mayer has had his Boonar pedal since the start of The Search for Everything World Tour. In fact, he owns two of them.

We can't wait to see what he's up to next and hear the magic coming from the studio of one of the most respected musicians nowadays.


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