Red Rox is a «hot rod» in distortion pedals - souped up for more power!

It can deliver anything from pure clean tones all the way to a grease-melting distortion.


Controls the output volume level. You can adjust Red Rox to the same volume as your bypass signal (unity gain) or volume it up for a whole lot fatter tone - there is plenty volume on tap!

Controls the frequency emphasis overall. In the middle position is a balanced presentation of the overall frequencies; clockwise it becomes midrange pronounced and counterclockwise it becomes midrange scooped. Contour control enables you to scoop the mids for fatter riffs or you can push the mids to cut through the band mix. This means you won't have to use an EQ pedal after your distortion to dial in a soaring lead tone.

Controls the frequency emphasis on the highs coming out of the distortion section. Top end frequencies can be easily ajdusted to your own taste.

Controls the amount of distortion in the signal. On minimum setting Red Rox is a clean booster. Cranking it up will take your guitar sound all the way to a full, fat and thick distortion - there is a great deal of flexibility.


Red Rox distortion is fully professionally designed and handmade with audiophile quality components and true bypass switching system incorporated - a pedal built to last.



  • Power Input Voltage: 9 - 18V
  • Power input connector: 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
  • Power Consumption: ~ 9.5mA
  • Size: 4.4” x 2.3”






"The RedRox is a very capable and mid-centric distortion pedal that effortlessly blasts out classic tones with extra gain if need be.
It is a largely Marshall-esque distortion pedal that it leans more towards classic rock tones but offers more gain than you might find on the types of amps commonly associated with ‘70s and ‘80s rock and metal." Read more...