All our products are handmade in Imotski - an ancient, small town in Dalmatia region, Republic of Croatia.

You can purchase directly from us at our Online Store, or from one of our select Authorized Dealers. If you have any additional questions regarding purchase, please send us an e-mail.

Yes, we occasionally have a limited number of B-stock items, contact us to check if there is any available at the moment.

We are a small company and cannot pay artists to use our products, but we do have an Artist Endorsement program that provides discounts on our products. If you’re an artist that is interested in working with us, contact us. Please keep in mind that we can only respond to a small number of artists.


Yes we do! When you buy a pedal, just select your country from the list during online checkout process. Please note that Dawner Prince Electronics takes no responsibility and will not pre-pay or reimburse you for any duties, taxes, and/or processing fees associated with you receiving your package in your country.

The best way to check the shipping cost is to add a product to your Cart, and enter your country/postal code on the Cart page. The store will give a quote of your shipping costs.

We currently provide International Airmail Registered (Croatian Post), DHL and Fedex Express courier shipping options.

Yes, all tracking numbers are sent automatically on the e-mail address you provided us when purchasing. You should receive an e-mail from Dawner Prince Electronics and Paypal notification services as soon as your order is upgraded to "Shipped". If you do not receive these emails please make sure you check your e-mail spam folder.

We usually ship within 2 days after payment is received. But, since we are still a small-scale manufacturing company, occasional out-of-stock products might happen. In that case, please contact us and we will get back to you with exact availability dates.

Unfortunately, no. This is considered a fraud and we can not accommodate these types of requests.


We at Dawner Prince Electronics warrant our products to be free from failures resulting from defective parts and/or faulty workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of the purchase. Please keep in mind that your receipt is your warranty so be sure to keep it. For further info please refer to our page for Warranty and Service

Shipping cost to Dawner Prince Electronics is the responsibility of the customer. Dawner Prince Electronics will pay for shipping from our facility back to the customer.


Check your power supply, make sure your cables are good and that everything is connected properly. Remove the pedal from your pedal chain and just connect it straight up to your guitar and amplifier. If you're still having problems, please contact us

Any good quality, regulated 9V DC power supply with a center-negative tip will do. Do not use any Radio Shack or multi-voltage "universal" adapters.
Diktator, Red Rox and Starla pedals can accept up to 18V DC and the same requirements apply for those supplies.

STARLA Tap Tempo Tremolo

Yes, you can use 9-18V DC/100mA well regulated power supply.

You can connect Molten Voltage CV-SYNC™  into Starla EXT.TAP port (via RCA to mono jack cable) to sync Starla to a MIDI clock.


Viberator is 100% analog circuitry with actual light bulb and matched photocells, just like original Uni-Vibe® is.

Any expression pedal with 10 Kohm potentiometer like Roland EV-5M-Audio EX-P or Mission EP-1 will do the job.

BOONAR Multi-Head Drum Echo

Boonar draws 180mA of current and you need to use at least 200mA (9V DC MAX!) power supply to get it to work properly. 

No! Boonar can accept 9V DC maximum. It's complex internal power management converts an input voltage to a much higher levels for a super high headroom and using more than 9V on the input will most likely to damage the unit.

Boonar V2 has an updated firmware with even more realistic Binson Echorec behavior (Drum Age control and Tone control). There is no visual difference between two versions, the only identification is by serial number. We stopped producing V1 in Jan. 2016 and by now almost all used V1 units were updated to V2.

PULSE Revolving Speaker Emulator

Pulse can only accept 9V DC! It has an internal built in power converter that multiplies an input voltage to a higher levels for a super high headroom and using more than 9V on the input will damage the unit.

Almost any kind of expression pedal will work with your Pulse, but our suggestion is Roland® EV-5.

Pulse accepts any kind of SPDT (ON/ON) switch wired TIP - center lug, RING - outer lug, SLEEVE - second outer lug.

Yes, Pulse can handle up to 2.5V input signals.

Initial 306 units were built with mono input. Based on customer feedback, in December 2020 we introduced an updated Pulse design that includes an internal jumper allowing for selectable TRS stereo input. Pulse Mono Input is now discontinued.

Pulse has a serial number higher than 00306-20 and an internal jumper allowing for selectable TRS stereo input. Pulse Mono Input (now discontinued) was manufactured before December 2020, has serial number lower than 00306-20, includes a mono input and has no internal jumper.

The input can be set for either mono or TRS stereo input. To configure the input remove the back cover of your pedal. On the lower left side of the circuit board there is a jumper that can be set in two positions: place the jumper on the upper two pins (marked STEREO IN) for TRS stereo input or on the lower two pins (marked MONO IN) for mono input. In order to connect stereo signals to your Pulse TRS stereo input you will need a Stereo to Mono Y Cable Adapter.

If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.