David Gilmour's Echoes seagull sound

David Gilmour's Echoes seagull sound

Riis of Gilmourish.com is back and this time he explored one of David Gilmour’s more unique sounds – the Echoes seagull sound.

The seagull effect was first used during a mid section in the unreleased Embryo back in February 1970, but later found its way into Echoes during recording sessions in early 1971, as Riis explained. The shrill noise mimicking a seagull scream was repeated later on in 1979., in the song "Is There Anybody Out There?" from the Pink Floyd album The Wall.

Although it might seem like the effect was add on or played on the synth, Gilmour was using only his instruments in pairs with his superb creativity. According to Gilmourish.com, he was using a clean amp, vintage circuit wah-wah pedal and the Binson Echorec.

To recreate the sound effect, Riis used our Boonar Multi-Head Drum Echo as it faithfully replicates all features of an old Binson Echorec. 

Watch the video for the setup and the whole story behind one of the most unique guitar sounds.   



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