PULSE gets Guitar World Platinum award

PULSE gets Guitar World Platinum award

In the July issue of the Guitar World Magazine, the world's best selling music magazine for guitarists, our Pulse Revolving Speaker Emulator was named a "Buzz Bin" product and earned it's top editorial award - the Platinum Award for Excellence! 

Paul Riario, tech editor of Guitar World, who, to quote his words, had tried and owned nearly all types of the rotating speaker effects, wrote: "The Pulse is a stirring rotating speaker effect that pronounces its swirls in a completely novel way. Compared to other rotary speaker pedals, the Pulse is richly detailed, far more nuanced and inherently different from other Leslie sims. I am absolutely sucked in to the Pulse's captivatingly unique spin", he concluded.

Thank you Guitar World, it's a great honor!


Guitar World Pulse review

Download the review in PDF here.    


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