PULSE is now TRS Stereo Input

Jelena Znaor

Posted on December 05 2020

PULSE is now TRS Stereo Input


First of all, we would like to thank you for the great response to our latest product – Pulse Revolving Speaker Emulator. Since we appreciate our customers' opinions and value your feedback the most, we decided to upgrade our Pulse pedal from mono to TRS stereo input.

Initial 306 units were built with mono input and Pulse Mono Input is now discontinued. Every pedal with serial numbers higher than 00306-20 has an internal jumper allowing for selectable TRS stereo input. However, for the rotary effect only the TIP IN (right) is used. In bypass mode, both TIP (right) and RING (left) inputs are routed to the corresponding outputs in stereo. The pedal ships preset in mono mode. In order to use the TRS stereo input you’ll need Stereo to Mono Y Cable Adapter. Cable adapters will be available in our webshop soon, but you can also find them in any specialized audio store.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.