Boonar is No.1 pedal of 2015

Boonar is No.1 pedal of 2015

Great news on the first day of 2016!

Online pedal videos made by world-known demonstrators are a great source of inspiration for everyone who is interested in the dynamic world of guitar effects. If you are constantly digging for new and better sounds for your pedalboards, if you are interested in what is new on the market and want to check out the sound of some new stompbox, you can hear it first-hand from the experts in the field. There are numerous videos posted online but some names stand out for their style and skill.

One of those demo gurus is Dennis Kayzer, well known for his slightly different and unique approach to music gear. In his videos, Dennis pushes pedals to their limits, successfully drawing pretty weird and wacky sounds out of them, which probably even pedal designers themselves weren't aware of. Over time, his YouTube channel has gained tens of thousands of followers and some of his videos exceed the incredible 100 000 views!

At the end of every year, Dennis releases a video - his rank list of the best guitar pedals of the previous year. This year, the 1st place on The Best Guitar Effects Pedals of 2015 list belongs to our Boonar multi-head drum echo!

Check out the video!

2015 was a year of great changes and challenges for us at Dawner Prince Electronics and, judging by the first days of the new one, the one that is ahead of us is going to be even more exciting. We're looking forward to seeing what good it will bring.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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