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Back in the homeland of Nikola Tesla, in the land of inspiration, is where Dawner Prince brand was brought to power. It was founded in 2009 and ever since we have been manipulating electricity and turning it into sonic art.
Our effects pedals are high-end music devices and we strive to maintain that level in every aspect. New approaches and innovative ideas in electronics are incorporated into the circuitries, making them more reliable, and endowing them with studio sound quality.
Each and every pedal is polished with innovativeness, versatility, functionality and beauty - all carefully hand made in Imotski, Croatia.

Our great wish is to spread the same inspiration, energy and love we feel while designing and producing our effects pedals to the pedalboards all over the world.

Zoran Kraljevic
Owner, CEO
Zoran KraljevicEver since he was a little dude he fell in love in making music - playing drums with his mother's pots and pans. So, even though he builds a career in designing guitar effects, his first instrument and first love were drums. 
He has always been fascinated with electricity and technology so, alongside with playing drums in different bands, he started attending Faculty of Electrical Engineering. 
During his college years, his band guitarists were spending more on entertainment than on musical equipment so, strapped for cash, he decided to build them a guitar pedal. That RAT clone distortion in a clumsy enclosure was the one that set his path. 
He is the founder and CEO of Dawner Prince Electronics. The name of the company is a direct translation of his name and surname.
Even though he now has less time for band, he equally enjoys spending his days developing new ideas and tweaking circuits for the new music devices. 
He still hasn't learned to play the guitar well.

Jelena Znaor
General Manager
Jelena Znaor
She has been a part of the Dawner Prince story from the very beginning, but it was not until recently that she has become the official general manager of the company. 
With a master's degree in psychology, she is the mind that goes over heart in decision making and the one who talks a lot. 
She does not know what "tweaking circuits" means, but can twirl a hula hoop on her nose. 


Hrvatskih branitelja 36 Zmijavci, 21266 Croatia

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