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Company upgrade

Hello folks!

The reason for our slight absence lately was that our company underwent a major upgrade and we have finally brought it to end. A lot of good things happened. For start, we no longer operate under Dawner Prince Effects. Our new legal name is Dawner Prince Electronics, LLC. One of the reasons for this is our decision to further expand business into other branches of audio electronics which was mainly prompted by a very interesting collaboration with two world- famous cellists. For more news on this, stay tuned! 

Our old website served us well for more than four years, but company was craving for new, modern and responsive one, so after months of work it is finally up! It is much more user- friendly and we hope you like it. We do! Since it is quite fresh, we will be upgrading it frequently, adding new material on the fly so make sure to come by more often for fresh news.

We said goodbye to the old company logo too. It has been a part of Dawner Prince story from the beginning, but it was time for newfangled one. That job was put into hands of our friend, professional designer - Mario Purisic to whom we'd like to thank again. We can't be more pleased how it came up. Stylized Dawner Prince initials symbolize continuity, constant development and product durability, qualities our brand is known for.

More good news regarding shipping options; we signed a partnership contracts with Fedex and DHL couriers so now we can offer you an express delivery beside standard International Airmail postal service. That means our effects pedals can land on your pedalboard anywhere in the world within 2 business days! 

And last but not least, we have a new DP member - Jelena Znaor. As a general manager, Jelena is a very skilled and played a major role in the process of company upgrade. Welcome aboard!

Alongside all the duties with company reconstruction, we managed to finish and launch our newest product. Boonar multi-head drum echo is Binson Echorec in a box and the most demanding project so far. Since we got so many inquiries, you will be happy to hear that from now on you can buy it from our online webshop. First batch is limited quantity and can be purchased exclusively from our official website, hope you'll enjoy it! Demo video is being recorded and we will have it mixed and published next week.



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