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Boonar is on David Gilmour's pedalboard!

When I started designing guitar sound sculpting devices, I had a reference point in my mind – a sound which I was aiming for. For me and for many others, I believe, the perfect sound was embodied in the music of Pink Floyd. This was a band which greatly influenced and shaped the rock music of the 20th century. Since the 1960s, they were ahead of their time, using the most modern music equipment, innovating and forming trends. The one effect that truly defined the Pink Floyd sound from their very beginnings with Syd Barrett, and which David Gilmour continued to use, is the Binson Echorec echo machine.

Produced in Milan, Italy, the Binson’s Echorec had its peak in the 60’s. It was unique in its construction, utilizing a specially designed steel drum, which carried a durable flat metal ‘tape’. The drum was driven by an AC motor via a rubber jockey wheel, which kept the transport very stable. Record and playback heads were arranged around the drum periphery. The Echorec 2 was manufactured by Binson between 1961 and 1979. It produced a very unique echo-reverb effect that can be heard on the Pink Floyd songs like Echoes, Careful With That Axe Eugene, Time, and many more. David Gilmour used the Echorec 2 model until the 1977’s Animals tour. Then he replaced it with digital delay units which were more reliable as Echorec units were quite bulky and needed regular maintenance of the memory system to work properly.

Boonar and Binson Echorec
When I started working on developing Boonar (a process I plan to talk about on some other occasion), I admit that it had crossed my mind many times how cool it would be if one day it got into the hands of David Gilmour. Namely, Boonar is designed as a faithful replication of the Binson Echorec 2 with added modern features and I cannot think of a musician who could better recognize that than David Gilmour.

A few months ago, it would have been just another ordinary working day in the Dawner Prince office, if the phone hadn't rang. The signal was not clear and I could not understand all the words coming from the other side of the line, but I could hear a clear British accent and a person asking about the Boonar pedal. He asked about our Artist endorsement program, which usually awakes my inner salesman, so I started reciting the information, mechanically and a bit reserved, until I heard a short laughter and the words: “It’s Phil Taylor, David Gilmour’s technician”. We closed the deal and, in a few days, one Boonar was on its way to the Astoria studio in London. Since they were on tour, I waited patiently to hear from Phil if David had managed to find some time to test the pedal. Phil did call, at the end of the tour, with some constructive criticism and overall good comments from Gilmour.

The other day, they released photos from Royal Albert Hall and the last show of Rattle That Lock tour. There was David Gilmour on stage, and a guitar pedal I would recognize anywhere – Boonar was on his stage pedalboard! What a spectacular ending of a tour, what fantastic news for our company!  

Photo courtesy of David Gilmour Official Facebook pagePhoto courtesy of David Gilmour official Facebook page

Photo courtesy of David Gilmour official Facebook page

I am extremely proud and incredibly honored. Thank you, David. I hope that this is just the beginning of our collaboration.





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Posted by Tannerjoste on February 24, 2017

Awesome to see the man himself use it and congrats Zoran for creating a true masterpiece!

Here’s a cool story: I know a guitar technician in England that talks to Phil Taylor regularly.

He is also a big Gilmour fan and vintage echo enthusiast, so after seeing the review of the Boonar on I suggested it to that guy and he also got one shortly after ;)

He told me a few weeks ago, that he then recommended the Boonar to Phil Taylor this summer and yeah, the rest is written in your article… :)

So I guess I’m partially responsible for Gilmour/Taylor finding out about this pedal, although I’m sure he would have found it out anyway at some point ;)


Posted by Phil on December 12, 2016

Congratulations. This is awesome. It’s nice to be able to show appreciation for a job well done. I heard of the Boonar from Gilmourish. So hats off.
I also have never tried the Binson Echorec.

Posted by Jack Dry on November 24, 2016

Congrats! Love mine, great device on bass.

Posted by Gahlord on November 16, 2016

Congrats Zoran for great work and incredible achievement. Dint’t have a chance to try Boonar, hopefully will soon. But to be honest I also never had a chance to try Binson Echorec, so I’m interested in trying your product as a fresh, interesting and hopefully inspiring echo device, rather than just comparing it strictly with the original. Anyway, it would be very interesting if you would share Mr. Gilmour’s or Mr. taylor’s observations about Boonar with us. Their opinions could be of a great importance to all of us. Thanks in advance and all the best.

Posted by Yakov on November 15, 2016

Love Floyd love Dave love his sounds..glad you got the recognition you undoubtably deserve….I don’t mind saying that I love effects and am always lokking for a bargain copy of the genuine ones but being a part time every thing I could not afford these wonderful upgrsdes.
But then again I’m not a pro so its probably relevant that I can’t afford these things. Still we can all dream. I can get the gilmour sound sort of but its good enough for me. I heard of your effects on effects so time to go global hey!god bless and happy sounds.

Posted by Gordon N on November 14, 2016

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